The Love Campaign

I’m making a full-length album!  I released my EP “Sweet & Lovely” in July.  You can experience it for free at  What’s unique about my process is not just in the music.  Although people have said things about my music like:

“Definitely fills a void.” (Marcus, Washington, DC)

“The vibes are strong, refreshing and ire.” (Paul, NY)

“Beautiful and inspiring” (Charles, Nevada)

There is something else unique and inspiring about my process and ‘TheLove Campaign.’  I give back to the communities that support me while I’m making music!  I am a former high school teacher and I taught students that no one else wanted to teach because I was at a continuation school.  These students were viewed as “throwaways” because they typically caused lots of disruptions at the main campus before they were sent to our site.  But my colleagues and I connected with our students in ways that inspired them to believe in themselves and mutually they inspired us.  

Although I have resigned from teaching, I continue to reach out to my former students to help with my projects.  Although I am a single mother of two young girls, I pay my interns from my pocket because they deserve to be compensated.

For my EP, I hired two young ladies (Varina and Vatrina) who helped film and edit the video for ‘The Love Campaign.’  They also took the photo for my album cover and other promotional pictures.  You can meet them  here

When you give to ‘The Love Campaign’, you are giving to young adults like Varina and Vatrina as  I plan to hire 2-3 more interns for the full-length album.  You are also contributing to arts programs here and abroad.   5% of the campaign’s donations go to Art Ambassadors of Oakland and Charlotte and Pete O’Neal’s organization in Tanzania ( United African Alliance Community Center.)  And to complete the entire process, the pièce de résistance is that you are helping to populate the earth with more good, inspiring music to nurture our souls.  Doesn’t that make you feel great?

Take a moment to check out ‘The Love Campaign’ on Indiegogo.  Share it with your friends and networks.  It would REALLY HELP IF YOU BLOGGED, FB, TWEET and IG about it!

Get perks, make contributions or follow updates.  All the tools are there. And if enough of us get behind it, we can make ‘The Love Campaign’ happen!

Everything you need to know and connect with Sia Love music, literature and Indiegogo campaign are at

Thank you for your support !!! ❤


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