I Love Her

edwmnspearalbumLook what I found!!!  Isn’t she lovely? One of my favorite ladies remixed by unknown artist (I can’t read the fine print at bottom right.)  It reads: “SAY IT LOUD! 4RT Cicle de Música Negra Oct 20 BCN”  This is another artist’s rendition of my father, Emory Douglas’s piece.                 edwmnspear“African-American solidarity with the oppressed people of the world.” Of all my father’s work, I gravitate to this image often.  As I’m typing the quote, I wonder if my attraction is due to the fact that he has used a woman to represent the idea of African-American solidarity (with all other peoples.)   I’m certainly enamored of her bold, black afro and the juxtaposition of this modern hairdo with her spear.  Then there’s the fact that she has a spear in front and a gun in back, while still careful to adorn herself with earrings.  She’s pretty, proud and powerful.

Here she is again, this time embroidered by a Zapatista community in Chiapas.  Notice her weapons have been replaced by a stalk of corn in the back and flowers replace in front.  I love her.


Representing for Zapantera Negra Encuentro 2012


When I made my EP “Sweet & Lovely” I thought about what images, photographs, symbols could represent each title as I shared them individually on facebook.  Instantly dad’s warrior-woman came to mind for the track “It’s Complex.”  I even considered photographing myself as her for it.

“It’s Complex” is about the Industrial Media Complex, music and exploitation of children.  It’s written from a maternal, protective, yet warrior position.  So, when I stumbled upon my girl holding a 45″ on a poster celebrating black music, I was very pleasantly surprised!


Hear the EP and support The Love Campaign  here

You can also find the The Love Campaign on Indiegogo






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